General information

KetteGear IVS
Entrepreneurial company
CVR. no.: 37136115
Address: Gudenåvej 3, 3. TH, 2720 Vanløse, Denmark
Telephone: +45 41655456
Founded: 2016


You can pay with the following credit cards ad

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

We won’t charge your credit card until your purchase has been sent.
We cover the credit card fees that can be connected to your purchase.


Your BasKette is shipped to you as fast as possible. We strive to ship your stripping basket the same day as you order.
We will send you an email with further information and tracking id on you package.

If you regret your purchase (cancellation)

You have 14 days to cancel your purchase.
You opportunity to cancel expires 14 days after you:

a)    receive your product
b)   receive the last product; in case you have ordered several products in one order that we ship to you separately

You must inform us within 14 days that you wish to cancel your purchase. When you cancel we ask you to inform us by email at In your cancellation you must clearly inform us that you wish to use your right to cancel the order. You can also choose to use our standard cancellation form and send to us. You will find a link to the form in your order confirmation as well as here.

You cannot cancel your purchase by refusing to receive your product without clearly informing us.


You must return your order to us without any needlessly delay and the latest 14 days after informing us that you with to cancel your order. You must pay the expenses for shipping back the product.

When returning the product, it is your responsibility that the product is safely wrapped. You bear the risk for the product from the time you received the product and until we receive it again.

The state of the product as you return it

You are held liable for any decrease in the value of the product that is due to any unnecessary handling of the product. With other words, you can try the product the same way you would in a psychical store.

If you have used the product beyond this, then we consider the product used. This means that you will only receive parts or even none of your payment back, depending on the condition of the products commercial value.

To have your full payment returned, you can therefore try the product as you would in any physical store, but you cannot take it into actually use.

Refunding your purchase amount

If you cancel you purchase you will have your payment returned. In case of any devaluation of the product that you are responsible for, this amount will be subtracted the refund. Note that if you use your right to cancel, you must pay for the shipping costs as you return the product.

We can retain your refund until we have received the product, unless you have showed us documentation that the product has been returned.

If you cancel your purchase, you must ship the product to:

KetteGear IVS
Gudenåvej 3, 3. TH
2720 Vanløse

What do I need to send along with the product?

You must enclose a copy of the order confirmation. Our expedition will be faster if you also fill out and enclose our standard cancellation form.

Note! We do not accept packages sent by COD or likewise.

If there is something wrong with your product (warranty)

When you buy at you have 24 months of warranty. This means that you can have your product repaired, exchanged, payment returned or get a decrease in price depending on the specific circumstances.

It is a requirement that the warranty is justified, and that the defect is not caused by improper use of the product or any other injurious behavior.

How fast must I use my warranty?

You must state your claim within ‘reasonable time’ after you noticed the defect. If you state your claim within two months after you notice the defect, your claim will precieved as within a reasonable timeframe.

We refund reasonable shipping costs

If the claim is justified, we will refund your (reasonable) shipping costs.

Ship the product to:

Kettegear IVS
Gudenåvej 3, 3. TH
2720 Vanløse

We need the following information, as you ship the product back to us

When you return the product we ask you to inform us about the defect as detailed as possible. Please use our warranty form – download here. This is not a requirement but it lightens our management and minimizes expedition time.

Note! We do not accept packages sent by COD or likewise.

Remember to wrap the product safely for shipping, and to get a receipt for your shipping so we can return the cost of the shipping to you.

What we do with your information (privacy policy)

To buy online in our store, we need the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail

We only register your information in order to deliver your product to you. Your information is registered at KetteGear IVS and kept for 5 years. Hereafter the information is deleted.

When we collect personal data on our website, we ensure that this is only done with your consent. You will always be informed exactly which information we gather and why.

The SEO Rasmus Høtoft Sørensen has access to this information. The data responsible at is also Rasmus Høtoft Sørensen.

We do not store encrypted customer information. We do not transmit any encrypted customer information.

Information provided to will not be sold to any third party, and we do not register any sensitive personal information.

When registered at KetteGear IVS, you always have the right to object to tee registration. You also have the right to claim insight into which information we have registered on you. These rights are according to the Danish law on personal information and you can contact KetteGear IVS by email at

A complaint concerning our products can be stated to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can state your claim to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority at

Further, you can use the EU-Commission’s online claim portal. This is especially relevant for customers living in another EU-country. Claims are stated here: When stating a claim you need to inform our e-mail address.